Empowering Female Undergrads!

Project Guide and Equip

Counselling and Educating 50,000 female undergraduates on Borderline Personality Disorder in Nigeria before 2030.

Who We Are

SOSWIN is a social enterprise with a goal to freely counsel and educate 50,000 female undergraduates on borderline personality disorder, leading to an increase in women leaders who can independently manage their emotions, participate in political, social and economic spheres and strive for an equitable society in Nigeria before 2030.
Our mission is in tandem with the Sustainable Development Goal 5 and 8, which is to achieve gender equality and empower all women by providing women and girls with equal access to technology, education, decent work and representation in political, social and economic decision making processes, benefitting societies and humanity at large.

What we do is that we conduct free mental health awareness program on Borderline Personality Disorder and facilitate trainings for female undergraduates in universities and polytechnics on the need of technology for their career and businesses. We conduct free therapy sessions for students who can’t afford the consultation fees.

With women losing control of their emotions and giving up on self, it is important to raise awareness and provide a platform where these issues can be addressed. And with a unique target audience as ours – Female undergraduates, our goal is to ensure that this group is well catered for and provided with all the support needed to liberate them from these limiting syndromes.


To provide premium motivational Trado-Modern Adire ready to wear t-shirts that will be valued and exchanged to freely counsel and educate 50,000 female undergraduates on borderline personality disorder leading to an increase in women leaders who can independently manage their emotions, participate in political, social and economic spheres and strive for an equitable society in Nigeria before 2030.


To counsel and educate girls and women on borderline personality disorder, breaking the barriers of unstable emotions, depression or self-harm and empowering women and girls,thereby leading to an increase in women’s economic participation, not merely to earn a living but also an opportunity to challenge many gender stereotypes and discrimination.


H- Hospitable team of women
E – Environment & Empowerment Focus
I- Innovation and Technology
R- Responsibility First
L – Leadership Values
O – Originality
O – Optimum Excellence
M –Motivation

What Trainings Do We Offer?

The Borderline Personality Disorder Counselling with bonus trainings on the adoption of technology and Career and leadership development skills.

Mental Health

In the midst of natural and human challenges, it is easy to neglect our Mental Health.
In Nigeria especially, it may be true that many are walking but silently insane, no thanks to socio-economic and political complexities.
Boderline Personality Disorder is associated with adiverse and PERSISTENT psychological symptoms that are greater among young people. Specific to symptoms, people with the disorder may engage in self-harm, experience recurrent suicide ideation and in 100% of cases die by Suicide.
Most female undergraduates are battling with Boderline Personality Disorder which diminishes their capacity for successful interpersonal relationships, results in difficulty regulating emotional stress and interrupts cognitive processes essential for learning and memory acquisition that underpins succesful study experience.
Our dream is to see women independently manage their emotions, take up leadership roles, and rule successfully.
Its time to stop these negative titles attributed to women – “drama queens” “emotionally unstable” “weaklings”.


Digital Skills

Digital Technology has revolutionized how we work- how we perceive the world- how we exist and function as human beings. Technological advances will continue to provide new ways of working. Female undergraduates need to embrace these changes and be part of the highly satisfied workforce. This will in no small measure increase revenue, develop a competitive edge but also reduce the problem of gender discrimination and strive for an equitable society.


In achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 8 which aims to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all, we will be training female undergraduates on skills needed to build their careers either through paid jobs or entrepreneurship. We are breeding women who will take up leadership roles in the coming years and create innovative solutions to problems in Nigeria.
Most of these students are battling with the fear of what next to do or how to fit into the Labor market with their unique talents after leaving the four walls of the institution.
Our mission is to reduce youth unemployment, operationalize a global strategy for youth employment and raise leaders.



Lagos state

  • Yaba College of Tech.
  • Lagos City polytechnic.
  • University of Lagos.
  • Lagos State University.

Ogun state

  • University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.
  • Moshood Abiola polytechnic, Abeokuta.
  • Gateway polytechnic Saapade

Oyo state

  • Federal college of Animal health & production Technology, Ibadan.
  • The polytechnic, Ibadan.
  • University of Ibadan.
  • Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo.
  • Rufus Giwa polytechnic, Owo.


Cross rivers

  •  University of Calabar.
  • Cross River University of Technology.
  • Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron.


Abia state

  • Abia State University, Uturu.
  • Michael Okpara University.
  • Abia state Polytechnic.
  • Convenant Polytechnic, Umuahia South.


Kwara state

  • Kwara State polytechnic.
  • University of Ilorin.


  • Benue state university.
  • Benue state polytechnic.
  • University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
  • Akperan Orshi College of Agriculture.


  • University of Abuja.
  • Baze University Abuja.
  • Nile University of Nigeria.
  • Flyingdove innovative Polytechnic.
  • Dorben Polytechnic, Wuse.
  • Gateway Polytechnic, wape.

Our Products


All students are required to wear a branded T-shirt which will bear your logo boldly. This will be given to the students as part of their souvenir and as a mark of honor to your brand. We also cannot underestimate the  essence this will project. This T-shirt is free for all students.



I was actually inspired by the program and what you did. May Allah reward you bountifully.


Nimah from Lasu

God bless Miss. Simbiat Awe and all those who put in hardworking in making the program a success.


Stephanie from Yabatech

Yesss!!! got all I needed. Thanks to the beautiful organizer and her cute members for such an amazing program. More blessing.


Doyin from Unilag

Meet The SOSWIN Team Leader

Awe Simbiat Atinuke is a multi-skilled business woman who is passionate about women empowerment and support. She wears multiple hats and has proven track record with managing successful businesses. She is a social entrepreneur, event planner, caterer, dietician, philanthropist and freelance presenter. Born October 7,1993 in Owo, Ondo state.
A graduate of Lagos state university with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass communication, certified in human nutrition and dietetics from Kwame Nkrumah University, Ghana.
In pursuit of women empowerment, Simbiat established a social enterprise named SOSWIN, The Sisterhood of successful Women in Nigeria because she believes in the mantra that success is not reflected by our bank statements but by lives that we have touched, even with the little in our pocket.
Simbiat is indeed transforming generations with her counselling approach and trainings of Nigeria’s future leaders, emphasizing the I-can-do -mentality, character building and digital skills acquisition.
Simbiat is a foodie and a lover of life.

Awe Simbiat Atinuke


Contact Us


2A Abolaji Olowosago Shomolu, Lagos.